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Thread: How to do a better form post with javascript?

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    Default How to do a better form post with javascript?

    Good afternoon.
    We want to make more efficient internal form post in a Web site have a lot of trafic. With internal posts I am talking about the information the user didn't introduce directly in this page, I mean, the information is used for the system. My boss told me search if is better use jquery or AJAX for that. By the way, I am learning jquery so please excuse me if I say some wrong think and please lets me know my mistake.
    I have been googling but I only saw how to do ajax's posts through jquery. What do you think is the better option?? Summarizing: we want many of the post happen in the user's computer. We will be really gratefull for any comment, suggestion, etc.

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    Here is the tutorial for Posting form through Jquery Ajax
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