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Thread: how do I use google page settings I downloaded( xml file)

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    Default how do I use google page settings I downloaded( xml file)

    Then uploaded it to my web-user account at

    How do I use this once google stops it in November?

    What I mean is I see the raw code for the file but is there a tool or something to use to view this type of file as it is intended-text,images etc.
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    No one's answered and I really don't know but I thought I'd comment with some observations:

    Generally an xml file is given form via an xml stylesheet. This wouldn't restore any scripted widget or widget like features to the page, but it would get it to layout like a more normal page. I don't know enough about xml stylesheets to tell you what to do, other than Google the subject. Most likely there was a stylesheet for the page before, perhaps it can be converted to an xml stylesheet.

    Google wants you to migrate to other services. So perhaps instead of trying to hold on to this, why not look into the substitutes that they're offering? See:

    for more information. Mostly they're recommending that you use a mobile device and get apps for it to replace whatever you were using iGoogle for, and/or to use the Chrome browser which can be customized to do most of what iGoogle can do.

    - John

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