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Thread: How do you attach an event listener to radio button using javascript

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    Quote Originally Posted by jscheuer1 View Post

    I kind of cringe a little though when I see a for loop where a while loop would work,
    They compile identically and the for loop could be said to make its operation clearer.

    also when I see i++ when ++i would work.
    When used as a for loop action I see no difference between them.

    Limiting the loop by the existence of the element will fail in some older Mozilla script engines.
    Which don't exist due to the browser being self-updating.

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    Time trials prove that while and pre incrementing/decrementing are more efficient than for and post incrementing/decrementing. And that iterating from the last to the first is also more efficient than from first to last. Incidentally, in some cases it actually makes more logical sense to iterate backwards, like if you're removing items from an array or nodeList while iterating over it - if you go forwards, the iteration process loses track of the count.

    However, both things I said - that it's a fine point and that with a small number of items to iterate over it makes little or no difference, apply here.

    It's a good practice to get into though because you have no way to know for sure when the code you write will get applied in a situation where the number of items is great enough to warrant iterating over them in the most efficient manner possible.

    About looping on existence - Those older Moz browsers are out there though, they were made before the self updating craze began. Self updating can easily be opted out of as well, and might need to be in certain environments.

    However, I would agree that we are talking about a limited number of browsers, probably mostly on older computers - mostly owned by people/schools/other organizations with either limited financial means and/or limited knowledge of I.T. But I still like the idea of supporting folks like that, especially those of limited financial means, more so than the others, but them too.
    - John

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    thank you so much for your help on this matter. It worked.

    warm regards


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