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Thread: Dynamic Menu Based on Decade

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    Default Dynamic Menu Based on Decade

    I have a db table which contains information from HS yearbooks. One column of the table contains the year. Presently, I dynamically build a submenu containing all of the distinct years from the table. But, the list has now gotten rather long and I want to insert a second level submenu item with the decade. My problem is not building the submenus but rather determining the distinct decades needed.

    Here is a link to the present submenu. Select the menu item... Windom Yearbooks and you will see the long list of years.

    I would like to have something like this...

    Windom Yearbooks >
    '40s Yearbooks >
    '50s Yearbooks >

    Thus, my question relates to how to determine the distinct decades of the years from the db table.

    TIA for your assistance
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