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Thread: Deja vu? Anyone else noticed social media converging on command line programming?

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    Default Deja vu? Anyone else noticed social media converging on command line programming?

    I just had the odd realization tonight that social media seems to be converging on command line programming. Especially twitter and reddit, but also facebook (and even gmail, with the way it's trying to immitate the rest).
    1) It's one line at a time; press enter to submit and execute the command.
    2) The syntax is based on some sort of marker and and arguments. (Installed a program from the command line recently?)
    3) There's little punctuation, bracketing, or anything else.
    4) Lots of arbitrary/odd abbreviations to save a few characters, resulting in text that isn't decipherable for those living only in the 'real world', nor can it be pronounced easily.

    Pretty soon, we'll have the next big thing to hit the web... DOS 2.0!
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