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    Default Horizontal scrolling information


    I've just found this site and really like the scrolling comment box in the right hand lower quarter:

    Is there a code similar to this on DD? I've tried looking at the source code of the website and it's a bit beyond me, frankly I don't even know what to Google to look it up with.

    Many thanks

    Jay Dog

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    I'm not sure about a script on DD - there are scripts like that, but 'm not sure if any have navigation/controls. I could be wrong, but you might like to scout around in this areas when you have some time to play with: or

    I did find this jQuery plugin here: That looks it has very similar functionality to the one you posted (dressed-up a bit).

    There's also a slightly different but simplier one (no controls):

    BTW, the search term I used was "jQuery news ticker with controls" or "jQuery news ticker with navigation".

    Hope that helps
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