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Thread: Using a CSS script in my ECWID account.

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    Default Using a CSS script in my ECWID account.

    Hey Guys,

    I am trying to find a solution for my shop. Currently when you go into the rpoduct grid of the shop, the only option and script available is for a zoom on hover. I am looking for a alternatate image to come up on hover.

    When speaking to some people they say this isnt possible or they want to charge me alot.

    Having looked on this site i saw a before and after css script which allows on hover 1 image to peel away which is pretty much what i would want. HOWEVER this seems to only be usable if the same images would be used for all pictures which this wouldnt use.

    So basically does anyone know how or where i might find a code that would FOR EXAMPLE allow the css script to on hover over the product image flick to the next image in that products slideshow.

    Here is example of what i am after, any help or suggestions is hugely appreciated. I am using ECWID for my shop, and Adobe Muse for the website.

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