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Thread: Featured Content Slider v2.5 with Video content

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    Default Featured Content Slider v2.5 with Video content

    1) Script Title: Featured Content Slider v2.5

    2) Script URL (on DD):

    3) Describe problem: Hello ! I am really happy with using this script but I encountered a tiny issue regarding video content:
    when loading any other video contentdiv than the current browser-refreshed one, all video play buttons and info disappear. I can click on the video and it will play, but it is a naked image, all player buttons and info are missing, unless I browser-refresh the page.

    -The bug actually occurs on script, independently of my implementation:
    As seen on the example, if you go to the third pagination link, you will see that the video is missing the bottom player buttons (and the whole player frame), with only the central play button remaining; it wouldn't be such a problem if with dailymotion videos, for instance, the play button appeared as well. However a dailymotion iframe video features no button or player facilities whatsoever when called from the slider.

    -It appears on all platforms and chrome also displays a much darkened dailymotion preview video image, again, when the latter is called from the slider.

    -The bug also occurs on other such scripts as the virtual pagination script

    If someone could confirm this bug and suggest something to resolve it...

    Thank you !
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