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    Default js files

    G Day

    Im using win7 starter, no matter how I set the security I am unable to download/open the js files here.
    I am actually only looking for the sticky tooltip one at the moment.
    Could I not just copy the script inside of the file and save it as a .js ?

    thanks very much.

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    That would be fine. You need a .js file with the same name as the original and with the same content as the original. If you have that, and upload it to the right location, it will be correct.

    Of course, just be sure to use a plain text editor (not something like MS Word) because a .js file is really just a .txt file with ".js" in the name-- there's no hidden formatting, just plain text saved under the name of ".js" or "Javascript" to tell the server what to do with it.

    (The only potential exception to this, and it shouldn't ever be a practical problem for you, might relate to character encoding-- if you're ever using characters outside of the normal range for English letters, numbers and punctuation, you might find that some characters get changed or appear differently if you cut and paste rather than saving the file. That will probably never happen with a DD script. But I mention it just on the rare chance that you, or someone else who happens to come across this thread, encounters that situation later. The only hidden information in a .txt file (or .js) is the encoding format for the text inside it.)
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