i pull info from mysql database and display it to the user to see if that time and date is available,

normaly i use just a typical echo to display the results, but as i want to keep it all on the same page so i dont have to do a refresh i am using ajax,

so now my echo is no good,

so how would i put the info on using the success?

iv tried a few things but dident really understand it all that much and failed.

as my php would be,

PHP Code:
    $data=mysql_query("select * from $tbl_name WHERE dates='$compdate' AND time='$newtimes'");
$row mysql_fetch_array($data);
$fetched $row['dates'] . $row['time'];
    if (
$fetched == "") {
"the date: $compdate and time: $newtimes is available<br />";
"the date: $compdate and time: $newtimes is NOT available<br />";
and my ajax as it stands

    $("form#chkreadings").submit(function() {
    // we want to store the values from the form input box, then send via ajax below
    var fpeople     = $('#people').attr('value');
    var flistday     = $('#listday').attr('value');
	var flistmonth     = $('#listmonth').attr('value');
	var flisthour     = $('#listhour').attr('value');
	var flistampm     = $('#listampm').attr('value');
            type: "POST",
            url: "checkreadings.php",
            data: "people=" + fpeople + "listday=" + flistday + "listmonth=" + flistmonth + "listhour=" + flisthour + "listampm=" + flistampm,
            success: function(){

    return false;

the success function i just posted is just from an example so how would i change that to echo what is from the php file?