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Thread: chrome dropdown menu dropdown indicator

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    I see your posts have been approved now. I have to say, had your 2nd post in the thread trickled through sooner, I would not have continued responding
    I love responses that offer no help, only questions. Obviously the responder has not experienced my described problem and thus has no clue how to fix it. But then why bother responding?
    There is no need to be rude and sarcastic when somebody is trying to help you. I responded to your initial question to courteously let you know that we needed more information (that begin the reason why I had "no clue how to fix it"), and if *I* hadn't have asked for additional information, somebody else would have.
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    berdman, you're asking for free help, and you can actually get that here. But be nice about it. And do be aware that the clearer your posts are, the more helpful the replies will be. For some reason new users tend to believe that there's some kind of attitude specifically for them giving them a hard time-- I can promise you there's no such policy.

    When asking for help, we expect you to do most of the work:
    1) Post all the information you know. We don't want to guess anything. You are, at least in some ways, an expert in your problem (even if that's just knowing what's not working).
    --This includes giving us all of the relevant code, or a link to your page; guessing is a waste of time-- we can often solve the problems, but not when information isn't available to us.
    2) Explain exactly what you want, and why it isn't working.
    3) Explain what you have tried, in detail. Did it help? Why/why not?

    If any of those aren't addressed in detail, someone will reply asking for more information (I can almost guarantee that); we can't read your mind, and we do need all of that information. It's very rare to come across an identical problem, so whether or not those helping you are "experts" they still need to know enough about your specific situation to apply their knowledge.

    A well-written description of a problem should lead to, potentially, an immediate reply that takes just a minute or two to figure out and write-- the goal is to supplement what you know with the details from our experience, not to take apart your webpage and start all the way back at the beginning. Of course some problems take a little longer than that or more work to solve, but the idea is the same-- your post should quickly get us up to speed with exactly where you are, and then our help will be useful and accurate.

    I say this because I assume you're making an effort to have a productive experience here, so I hope explaining the reasoning behind it will make it seem a little more logical. (Oddly enough, as I said, a lot of new users don't see any of that as logical and then take responses personally.)

    As for the posts being moderated, just be a little more patient. I realize it's annoying. We very rarely miss posts, and when we do see them it's usually within a few hours of it being posted. The automatic spam filter does a good job, sometimes too good a job. But without these measures against spam, there would be a lot of spam messages getting in the way of everything. We do work to improve the system from time to time, so it may improve soon. And it's unlikely that you'll have the same problem again.
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