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Thread: Slider is very slow to load?

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    I see all jpg images there now and it works fast,clean and awesome.

    Great looking photos by the way

    good job Travis!


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    Hi and thanks,

    It's really the first link off of the gallery (weddings) that I am talking about the others are to be updated I wasn't going to use flicr even tho I like the full screen option ( I do believe they use a loader )


    I am using a slider I was recommended on Dyamicdrire. Simple Controls Gallery v1.4

    Any idea's on floating pages?? Or where to post the question and is it possible?



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    Just to illustrate the negligible difference after optimisation - please open them up side-by-side to compare;

    Your original/current image - 407kb

    Optimised image - 60%, high quality preset in Photoshop - 108kb
    (Photoshop is by no means the best optimisation tool but its convenient for me to quickly show you the difference)

    I don't know about you, but I'd be very happy to use the optimised version, and at a quarter of the size (and therefore, a quarter of the download time) I'm sure your visitors would be very happy if you used the optimised version too

    And just imagine how much of a saving you'll make once you've optimised ALL of those gallery images - a good few MBs at least!
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