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Thread: Book format with flip pages

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    Default Book format with flip pages

    I would like to create a newsletter using the folowing format

    How can I do this? Is it script driven or a software such as adobe. Any help please.

    Thanks for all you do ...great forum

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    That's done with Flipping Book Publisher:

    You can download and install the software (there's a free trial button a tthe bottom of the linked page above), load in a PDF, and out pops some auto-generated web pages/scripts OR a standalone exe for CD distribution.

    The trial version comes with a few restrictions, but it's still very good for small, simple publications:
    You can import only up to 10 pages;
    The copyright button can be neither removed, nor edited;
    Each page of your publication will contain FlippingBook watermarks;
    It's changed a little bit since I last looked at it - a few years ago - for example, it now supports HTML5.

    I remember the import being restricted on the trial - you could only load in one PDF doc, whereas in the higher-level purchased versions, you can import multiple and different format docs (an Excel page here, a Word doc there). The skinning options are also quite basic.

    If your newsletters are under 10 pages, and you can live with the watermark, and limited template/customisation options in the trial version, it could still be very useful to you though.
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