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Thread: Print not working as desired in Lightbox

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    Thanking you.

    The link in my 'Test Page' is written as:
    Show Test Form in a lightbox popup

    And the link page to that is:

    The page not showing any error now, but not showing the form either.

    Thanking you again for your time to have a look.


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    As far as I can tell, there's only one form on the page:

    <form action="/" method="post" id="login-form" class="form-vertical">
    	<div class="login-greeting">
    	Hi DBUser,	</div>
    	<div class="logout-button">
    		<input type="submit" name="Submit" class="btn btn-primary" value="Log out" />
    		<input type="hidden" name="option" value="com_users" />
    		<input type="hidden" name="task" value="user.logout" />
    		<input type="hidden" name="return" value="aW5kZXgucGhwP0l0ZW1pZD00MzU=" />
    		<input type="hidden" name="4ee9db694223a015f5136b1ea350cea7" value="1" />	</div>
    It has only one visible element, the Log Out (submit button). And I see it in Firefox, Opera, IE 9 mode, IE 10, and Chrome in the lightbox. The lightbox doesn't open IE 8 mode:

    SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'clientWidth' of undefined or null reference
    hipmob.min.js, line 4 character 11329
    But it might in a real IE 8, I don't know.

    As for formwizzard, it doesn't appear to be on that page (test-form), but is on where it gives an error:

    Quote Originally Posted by IE 8 Mode
    SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'push' of undefined or null reference
    formwizard.js, line 82 character 6
    Quote Originally Posted by Firefox
    Timestamp: 5/18/2013 12:56:45 PM
    Error: TypeError: $ is undefined
    Source File:
    Line: 82
    All browsers throw that error.

    What are you trying to do, use formwizzard on the form in the lightbox iframe? If so, it's not there yet. The formwizzard script would need to go on the test-form page and be setup for the form on that page. Or it could perhaps be run from test-page against the form in the iframe after it appears. But I'm not sure if there's an easy way to tell when that is. It would be easiest to put the formwizzard script on the test-form page - that is if you want to use it on the form on the test-form page.

    In any case, there would seem to be two main issues:

    • Why doesn't the lightbox open in IE 8 mode?

    • Why are we getting that error from formwizzard?

    And one question for you:

    What are you trying to do with formwizzard?

    Answer me that last one, and when I have more time I will look into it, unless those other two are not the real questions. If they're not, what are?
    - John

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