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Thread: ddsmoothemnu-v dropdown hides behind video

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    Default ddsmoothemnu-v dropdown hides behind video

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    I'm an absolute newbie to making websites so my site may look really amateuristic - sorry for that, I had to learn everything by myself.

    I've added a video to my modx-made site. The vertical dropdown works fine for images but hides behind a video I have embedded.
    I tried possible solutions like wmode=opaque and z-index=999 but they didn't work or I didn't implement them correctly.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    It works OK in at least one browser - Opera. At least here that is, where my Opera is using QuickTime to display the video. For others something like wmode is what you would need. The reason it doesn't work in others is that there is no wmode setting for any plugin that can play wmv. In order for the this to work cross browser you should have an HTML video tag with a choice of source tags, each with a different format (wmv, mp4, ogg) of the video so each browser can find one that it can play with the HTML video tag, with a Flash fall back for older browsers that cannot do HTML video. The easiest way to do that is to host your video on YouTube and use their iframe embed. They take care of all that, and It can have wmode set on it via an URL parameter in it's src attribute's query string. Using YT video in this way though, to be fully cross browser, the wmode needs to be transparent, not opaque.
    - John

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