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Thread: My wordpress theme hijacked?

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    Lightbulb My wordpress theme hijacked?

    My site was recently hijacked by a theme that creates an iframe at the top of the header of every page and makes a godaddy error appear "page not found". I've been scanning the code for ages trying to find something to see how it's created but am unsuccessful. I have no backup of the theme, this is the site: could anyone be able to tell me where this iframe is originating from by inspecting the source? I'd greatly appreciate it .

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    Unfortunately all we can see is the generated markup via "view source" - we cannot tell what is generating the code on the server.

    I am personally unfamiliar with Wordpress but a quick search on "Wordpress theme Iframe header hijack" pulls up lots of information about the vulnerabilities of using this very popular and widely developed platform. This article provides a collective overview of common attacks and possible solutions to fix the problem :
    The main issue is that it is so widely used and that attracts hackers. Make sure all of your plugins, the theme and core installation are up-to-date and that should help your website stay protected (new vulnerabilities are being discovered and bug fixes are being released all the time)

    I hope that goes a way to finding a fix, but if not, I'd suggest taking this to Wordpress developer community to investigate as they'll have much more specific knowledge of their own software than we would - I imagine that most active members here are more familiar with building their own websites and applications rather than using pre-made solutions such as Wordpress. That's not to say that folk here dont use Wordpress at all - all I mean us that we're more likely to be users who manipulate the Wordpress code other than the developers who actually write it and therefore know it inside and out. The Wordpress developers/community are much more likely to be able to help you in cases like this.
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