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Thread: Flash gallery on top of Web page??

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    Default Flash gallery on top of Web page??


    I have created several flash gallerys for our website, but rather than incorporate them in to the pages or link to another page, I would like to have them so that once the link is clicked, the flash gallery opens on top the web page like how most lightbox galleries behave (so you can still see parts of the web page behind.

    Any idea how to achieve this? Is it quite simple?


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    If you use something like Fancybox, it is very easy to create the light box overlay you speak of:

    You could embed your slideshow in its own web page, and then use Fancybox to open that web page on top. It wouldn't really look like it was on a standalone page - it would just look like a popup. See the Iframe or Ajax method in the documentation - there are a few examples that should fit your requirements.

    Alternatively there is an inline option too, so in that case the popup would be generated from content that is coded on the very same page. Either option would work but I think the Iframe/Ajax way would help with page performance due to content only being loaded on demand.

    The look of the Fancybox itself is also widely customisable - you can change the 'dull down' effect in the background (colour and opacity) and you can change the border surround or remove it altogether.
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