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    I have a site in Hebrew and I find out that in IE the scrollbar appears on the left side.

    This is the adress of my site:

    How can I fix this problem, so that the scrollbar will appear on the right side?


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    Its not a 'problem' - its the standard UI. Its probably not a good idea trying to change the behaviour of something that users already know the behaviour of. Working *against* user expectations can stir up trouble especially when they spend 99% of their time on other people's websites and come to expect certain behaviours or practices as commonplace. You might think that youre doing this to benefit them but in reality you might find that you deter visitors simple because of the unpredictability of the interface.

    That being said, it is possible to change scrollbar settings in some browsers (Firefox) but that is at the users discretion and depends on the device/browser they use.

    You can also change the scroll bar position with the html 'dir' attribute / css 'direction' property (but it doesnt work in all browsers) or with JavaScript (try a google search for 'left side scroll bar with JavaScript') but again, you cant guarentee it will work on all devices and it won't work if a visitor turns JavaScript off.
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