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Thread: CSS 3D Flip doesn't work in IE10!

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    The new demo works properly now in IE10, just displays the reverse div. That's excellent. Wish I had your skills! With my deadline looming I think I'll just emulate IE9 for now, and then come back to this later to implement it. Do the threads here get deleted over time? Or will I be able to find it later if I favourite this page?

    Thanks a ton.

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    No, threads like this one are almost never deleted. BTW, as they say you can easily downgrade if there are any problems, I decided to try the Release Preview of IE 10 for Win 7. I can't see much of a difference with IE 9. It's doing the same thing you reported though with the old demo. It's as if it just doesn't see the other content. Not sure why. If I use any other initial rotation than 180, it does see it. But it still doesn't work as expected. I will have to research the logic behind the 3D Flip to see if it could perhaps be done a different way, one that IE 10 might like. IE 10 is obviously capable of flipping things, it's just that the results with the 3D Flip code aren't the same as Chrome and Firefox.
    - John

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