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Thread: ddsmoothmenu shadow in IE

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    Thumbs down ddsmoothmenu shadow in IE

    I was having a problem with ddsmoothmenu vertical. I have used ddsmoothmenu horizontal often with no problems (on Chrome, Firefox, or MIE). Now, I tried ddsmoothmenu vertical. It worked fine in Chrome and Firefox, but, in Microsoft Internet Explorer, the vertical men did not work correctly: when you clicked a part of the menu that has a submenu, it bounced, such that it was nearly impossible to "click" the menu.

    From reading this forum -- See "You nailed it, that was exactly the problem" -- I saw something about a problem in "shadow" in the external CSS code. Then, I noticed that the external css code for ddsmoothmenu horizontal has the shadow code, while ddsmoothmenu vertical does not.

    See the difference near the bottom in the code between ddsmoothmenu.css and ddsmoothmenu-v.css.

    So, I added the code above -- see .ddshadow and .toplevelshadow -- to ddsmoothmenu vertical, and this fixed the problem. I wish to thank the person for giving me this idea.

    But... it seems like the CSS code for ddsmoothmenu vertical needs to be updated, to be like the horizontal?

    Thanks a lot...

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    Well, not exactly, though it might be a nice touch. It's just that you need both css files. If you follow the instructions on the demo page, it says to use both of them. If the shadow were defined in both of them though, the shadow specs in -v file would override those in the non -v file. Changes to the non -v file would be ignored. So it gets a little messy either way. The script's author probably figured it would be best to define the shadow in just one place and require both files.
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    Thanks for your response.

    In the past, I have download only (what I thought was) the "necessary" css file (either "ddsmoothmenu.css" or "ddsmoothmenu-v.css"), and I have deleted the script for the menu that I was not using. For horizontal, this worked fine. But, this is not the case for vertical.

    Take care...

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