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Thread: Css3 horizontal menu Problem

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    Default Css3 horizontal menu Problem

    1) Script Title:CSS3 Gradient Menu Buttons

    2) Script URL (on DD):

    3) Describe problem: this works on every browser except IE8 and 9. All it shows are white squares with a black outline. does anybody else have a problem like that. I have no other scripts on my pages except on my contact, support, pages
    my site is

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    I think its because you have the background colour set like this in your CSS;
    background: #blue;
    Sadly, " #blue " isnt a proper colour value. It either needs to just be " blue ", or a hexidecimal colour value (such as " #0000FF " - the hexidecimal colour value for blue), which is where you'd use the # prefix.

    More info here:
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