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Thread: jQuery get height of iframes source.

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    I don't think you mentioned before that you were using Cold Fusion, are you? Those tags look like Cold Fusion tags. In any case they're not standard HTML tags, so presumably are replaced by valid HTML when served live.

    And, that's what I would need to see, the live pages. Do you have it up anywhere you could post a link to it?

    But, just from looking at that, it appears that the majority of the content is in a table. As I say, that can throw off some browsers. Try losing the table. Or, if that's impossible, once I see the live pages, I may be able to suggest something else.

    It also looks as though that table is meant to be able to be scrolled. If so, absolute positioning might enter into it, that or a container div with overflow characteristics that might be throwing things off.

    You could try using a normal page, rather than a CF one. That might fix it, if so, there's something about the CF page that's throwing things off.

    One other thing you could try is putting a div around the table, perhaps even setting that div's height in css style.

    For any specific help I would need to see it live. Put up a demo somewhere if you haven't already put this online. Either way, give us a link to it so we check it out.
    - John

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    I apologize, yes the main code/page is built in ColdFusion which I dont have much experience with at all. I was just put in lead of getting the current Coldfusion System Banner embedded into our new site. The site is 100% internal site only viewable on our network which is no help at all i know. I have tried so many different things from different topics but nothing has worked yet, you are correct that the page does push out the data into table format. Users have 3 options when inserting a message, it can be static, horizontal scroll or vertical scroll and from there, their message is pushed out using the table format. I tried the div but no luck, i tried setting height to 100% but that didnt help. Any other ideas or am I totally out of luck with this situation? Our environment is 90% Internet Explorer 7 so IE is my main concern.

    THanks so much again for your help
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