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Thread: small problem using the print screen button

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    Quote Originally Posted by djr33 View Post
    On a Mac, you can choose whether you want to save a file or copy to the clipboard. The settings are somewhere in the System Preferences-- if anyone can't find it, I can check, but it should be fairly obvious. The disadvantage of that is that you have to remember a few more key combinations. On Windows it's simple!
    OR, you can just press command+shift+3 and it automatically saves to the desktop

    As to the issue, does the print-screen button perform any other function at any time normally? Maybe you had a key stuck that caused it to do something else? Have you fiddled with your keyboard shortcuts recently?

    Also, since this is a desktop, try with different keyboards, see if you can replicate the incident.
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    As I read you want to know how to use just prints, but not with a function key.
    To do this you can follow these point
    1. Turn on your desktop then you click F8 then where you find an option to turn on/off function key then you can take a screenshot without the use of function key now you can capture a screenshot via just print screen.
    Hope this will help you.

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    This might be a wild solution. I know this is an old thread but if its not resolved, have you considered instering a USB keyboard with an "fn" key and see if problem still exist?

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    This is ancient history for me. The problem was resolved over 6 years ago. I have since upgraded to Windows 7 and plan to stay with it for a while. Still, thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I no longer have any way to test it.
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