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Thread: Slider or Gallery that rotate's web pages, rather than images -- does such exist?

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    Default Slider or Gallery that rotate's web pages, rather than images -- does such exist?

    I'm looking for a script that will allow me to display a series of web pages (perhaps in an Iframe) the way PowerPoint does when set in continuous loop display mode. It would probably activate a series of "jumpto" commands, one at a time, combined with a configurable timer. The "display" items need to be live web pages rather tha just screen shots because some of them contain realtime or streaming data.

    Does such a script exist? Where can I find it?


    Rick Kean
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    On the web you're probably going to run into bandwidth/load time issues with something like that.

    There are lightbox type scripts like:

    that support content in iframes.

    And if you use a scroller or carousel, some will support the use of iframes as content. In fact many of these scripts get their content from ordinary markup on the page, so those would be easy to setup.

    But as I say, the amount of time it takes a page to load in an iframe will come into play.

    It's my understanding that with Easy Box linked to above, you would get a loading indicator, and that since each page would only load when called for, you would only be asking the browser to load one page at a time. Caching might be a problem for real time pages. If there isn't a built in method for avoiding that, a fairly simple modification should be able to accomplish that.

    An inherent problem with iframe though is that many sites do not allow themselves to be displayed in iframes. So if you have a page in mind that's like that, there's no easy and perhaps no legal way of doing it.
    - John

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