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Thread: Can Step Carousel be used in a 'Responsive' design?

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    Question Can Step Carousel be used in a 'Responsive' design?

    1) Script Title: Step Carousel

    2) Script URL (on DD):

    3) Describe problem:

    I am a relative JQuery Noob, and I am having difficulty understanding why StepCarousel has to be initiated BEFORE the

    $(document).ready(function() {}

    The pages on the site I am working on are being developed to be 'responsive'. To that I need to be able to resize the web page based on the current window size. If you resize the browser window on, you will see the elements inside it resize to fit the page.

    I am using the Dynamic jquery.treeview.js in combination with the stepcarousel.js to be able to select any of a couple of a hundred slides. I have all that working, but to figure out how to make the step carousel 'responsive' is being a challenge.

    I am able to resize the div containing the treeview, no problem... but can't seem to change the .stepcarousel values after the initial page load.

    The only time I seem to be able to access the values to set the panel sizes is in the static .css ahead of $(document).ready(function() {}. And I can't access the .stepcarousel .css with JQuery before the $(document).ready(function() {}, yet stepcarousel.setup({}) reads the values it needs (from the static .css) to set the panel sizes during it's initialization process.

    If I put the the stepcarousel.setup({}) inside of the $(document).ready(function() {} (so that I can do some calculations to set the panel size(s) ) it doesn't load and I am not clear why.

    Any suggestions you might have would be awesome.


    I can now control the slide size on the initial page load.

    After having a closer look at stepcarousel.js I was able to isolate the issue (though being a noob, I can't say I grasp why). In stepcarousel.setup({}); it appears that the author needed to ensure that the div containing the carousel be guaranteed to include the css overflow: hidden, which may reuire that it be set before for page starts to load. Plus there needed to be be a cleanup process set on an 'unload'.

    To implement the above requirements, the stepcarousel.setup() function already has the $(document).ready(function($) incorporated. In my initial attempts to set the CSS, it appears that I created a situation that Javascript doesn't handle, namely:

    $(document).ready(function($) {
    $(document).ready(function($) {

    Thus to be able to make the carousel 'responsive' to whatever the current window size is, requires that instead of calling stepcarousel.setup({}); from within my web page's $(document).ready(function($) {}; that stepcarousel.init() be called from within my $(document).ready(function($) {} instead. And the processes that are being executed inside of stepcarousel.setup({}} be implemented with my webpage's (singular) $(document).ready(function($) {}

    When I get things cleaned up, I will provide a link to the webpage that shows the changes that allowed the carousel panels to resize dynamically.
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