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Thread: Yikes,I am heading to the next level

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    Quote Originally Posted by djr33 View Post
    Hm. So you don't think it's starting to even out? I think it is, probably slowly. But I also don't think it'll ever necessarily end up at a 50/50 split.

    Interestingly if you look at TV shows, there's a big trend to have a woman as the main tech support person (especially in police/crime shows).
    Quote Originally Posted by jscheuer1 View Post
    I agree that nerdy female role models on TV are increasing. That's probably both a reflection of and a spur to conditions in the "real world".
    Yes, I agree that things are starting to even out in the general scope of TV - I know there are some technical/nerdy woman on the US shows that we get over here - NCIS/CSI and Big Bang Theory spring to mind right away - and of course we have our British equivalents, but I was kinda meaning the shows that are specifically aimed at impressionable youngsters. Some of those US dramas are on quite late at night and require much more thought than the average British teen can muster after a hard days texting

    There's a show on at dinner time here that pops into my head that is aimed at a younger crowd - one of those "dont have to think about anything and I can look at the nice clothes" type soaps. The main female characters there comprise of tarty barmaid, sugar-sweet beautician, caring nurse, sassy night-club owner, catty coffee shop waitress, glamorous footballer's wife, trendy teacher and ditsy shop assistant. You can bet that they're all wearing 6inch heels and false eyelashes too (OK, maybe not the nurse, but her uniform is still rather tight).

    Quote Originally Posted by james438 View Post
    I agree with Beverly's sentiment (correct me if I am wrong here) that guys and girls are different. We think differently from each other and are culturally different as well... Men and women's brains are wired differently....
    Yes, that's true - nature and nurture traditionally tends to lead us down more caring/mothering/social paths.

    Quote Originally Posted by ajfmrf View Post
    how did this thread turn to this?
    Sorry about that ajfmrf - I think that's just the way that the conversation evolved while you werent here. Just leap back in and steer it back on track.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bernie1227 View Post
    The lounge: A place to hijack threads with no fear of retribution.
    Not neccasarily...

    Soz about changing the topic so much ajfmrf... I've noticed we've actually done that a fair bit recentely (a pile of the "regulars" get into a discussion in the middle of a thread)
    If you have a problem about it, just let us know and I'm sure we can work something out (this discussions just about died (or has it), but we could move it to a new thread)
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    Quote Originally Posted by keyboard1333 View Post
    Not neccasarily...
    It might be sensible to split the thread and amalgamate it with the dd social thread.
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    On the other hand,it is always cool to see a thread become so largely posted as this


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    In fact, this all should be in the social thread (including the first post), at least if that's going to catch on. (It doesn't hurt anything that it's not there, though.)

    I think the whole topic became "ajfmrf reached 300 posts, so how's everything going?", and clearly this is how it's going

    Beverley, don't forget about other shows with the female nerd character-- the best example is probably Criminal Minds, with the tech support woman who's simultaneously only-fictionally-possibly great at all things on a computer and obsessed with "girly" things like pink furry pencils and makeup. That character, along with the one from NCIS (and probably a few other shows I'm forgetting about) seems like a fairly standard character now, part of the mainstream set of media expectation.

    But you're right about shows like soaps-- but is that surprising? Isn't everything about those shows a bit exaggerated? Everything's a stereotype and overacted-- so having stereotypical women in them just seems natural to me. (And it's a separate question whether or not you like them, of course.)
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