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Thread: HELP ME For Making a Small Script

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    Default HELP ME For Making a Small Script

    Can Anyone help me how to make Continue to Image Overlay Page,so that if any one want to see my Large Image they have to Click Continue to Image to view it,For eg:[Other Mod's Note: URL removed][i want exactly the same result]
    sry for the adult ads.

    Plz Help


    Mod's Note-
    Warning: The url in this post contains adult images.

    Other Mod's Note-
    Choose another example to illustrate your goal. The URL you posted includes pop-under scripts; please consider the security of other users who might be trying to help you.
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    Are you asking how to direct a user to an intermediate page, where you can (for example) show ads? Or are you asking how to show those ads? or how to continue to the large image? or how to create the pop-under windows? Please be as specific as possible.


    (Just a note; if you want the pop-under windows, you should be aware that it is generally considered bad practice: clicking a link should have the results that the user expect [i.e., seeing the large image], and none that they don't. This behavior can easily be construed as "sneaky" or "dishonest," and with good reason: it is often a malicious tactic on disreputable websites. I'd highly recommend not doing it at all.

    (If you're still interested in learning how to open a new window via javascript, a simple google search is a good place to start.)

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