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Thread: Carousel and Wordpress

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    Great! that sorted it. Thank you both for your help, I'll make sure to not double post in future.

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    There's one other small issue I'll add at the end of this post.

    Good. I missed that part of it Beverleyh. But I was noticing that there seemed to be no init, and there wasn't.

    And I've now merged the threads so we can keep them straight.

    By way of further explanation, you can hotlink to the script on DD. And if that script is in your cache from having recently visited the demo page of that script, it will work. But as soon as you either clear your cache, or it gets cleared or the cache limit requires that script be dropped from the cache, it will stop working. Needless to say, visitors to your page will probably not have the script cached. And since unless it is cached, DD blocks the hotlink, you can see the problem there.

    The one other small issue is that you don't have the loading image. You don't have to have it. But it adds a nice touch for your users visiting for the first time, a visual representation that content is loading.

    You can get it from the demo page or right here (right click and 'Save As'):

    It goes in the same folder as your page.
    - John

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