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Thread: Smooth scroll and new location drop down menu

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    Default Smooth scroll and new location drop down menu

    Have a drop down menu with two options: go to link within the page, want to use smooth scroll or go to a different page. Cannot get the two options to work together. If smooth scroll working, opening new link does not work, and vs.
    HTML Code:
    <select name="dropdown" size="1" id="dropdown" onChange="scrollTo(this.value); top.location.href = this.form.dropdown.options[this.form.dropdown.selectedIndex].value;
    return false;">
    <option value="" selected="selected">Menu</option>
    			<option value="#services">Services</option>
    			<option value="#portfolio">Portfolio</option> 
                             <option value="">JavaScript Samples</option>
    Any suggestion how to get the two types of link to work and keeping the smooth scroll for anchors
    Thank you

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    onChange="if( !/^http/.test( this.value ) ){ scrollTo(this.value); } else{ top.location.href = this.value }

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