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Thread: Question regarding upgrading my site to html5

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    Default Question regarding upgrading my site to html5

    I have a webpage I mad that uses this script:

    It works fine but I don't know if I can covert it to html5 or not.

    Here it is -

    Any thoughts would be appreciated


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    What do you mean? Certainly you can convert it if you'd like, but it could take some time/effort.

    The easiest way to do this is to set the HTML 5 doctype on the page and then use the validator to check for errors-- you'll find out how much would need to be changed to update the page. (You might first want to confirm that there are no errors in your current doctype, or if there are make a note of them, so you know what is and what is not caused by HTML 5's different standards.)

    And of course it's best to do all of that as a copy of the page rather than modifying the original.
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