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Thread: Step Carousel white space at the end

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    Default Step Carousel white space at the end

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    step carousel goes another step after the last visible picture and does not return to the first picture immediately

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bildschirmfoto 2012-10-16 um 12.57.48.jpg 
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    i want it to go from the very last picture to the first wihtout the white space in the end!

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    I forget what the fix for that was exactly, it has come up before a few times.

    I think it was here in the css from Step 1 on the demo page:

    position: relative; /*leave this value alone*/
    border: 10px solid black;
    overflow: scroll; /*leave this value alone*/
    width: 270px; /*Width of Carousel Viewer itself*/
    height: 200px; /*Height should enough to fit largest content's height*/
    Increasing what you have there by 1 or more pixels, I think.

    Yes it is. I found it in the archives. For more details, see:
    - John

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