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    one of the teachers has asked me to come up with a picture to text match up game. I've looked on line and have found a number of them but none seem to match what I want. I can imagine it in 'real life' where a pupil has to pick a random red card and turns that over and you get a picture of a tool, say a hammer and then has to choose from a list of definitions of what that tool is used for, somehow the definition of the tool and the image are connected so if a pupil chooses 'it is used to put nails into wood' then they get a mark or it says 'yay, now try again', if they get it wrong it will just say 'boo, try again' or something.

    Does anyone know if such a code exists that I could possibly modify for use on our internal website?

    Incidentally if anyone does know of any other educational code resources available that I could use for our site that'd be great.


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    You could write your own script with some fairly simple html and javascript, all you'd have to do, is onclick of various items, change the picture, and ask for a definition, with one definition being correct.
    A far as modifying someone else's script goes, the most common one out there, definately seems to be the one where you flip two cards and see if they match, and If you're looking at modifying one of those, you may want to look at this:
    As far as that one goes, you could modify it to have just a <ul> of definitions not the side, ad then the thing works the same way.
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