Man, I use to get all my scripts here... Had a lot of fun.
Heck, the internet was just a little puppy then... My, how she's grown!

From playing around with bulletin board systems (BBS) to over night internet... What a kick in the head that was. :-)
Any of you guys remember what I'm talking about?

Ah, John knows what I'm talking about.
I wonder, is "The Rock" around?
Dude was the best... You could talk about anything with that guy.

DD was around before Google got big... DD was around before YouTube. I know cause, I was here. Man it was cool... Hope you guys are having half as much fun as I had. Mind you, we didn't have the forum back them. We had to get in touch by email and of course, we only did it to get some attention. :-)

The whole internet drama thing had its roots right here!!!
Some guy was saying something to the effect that his script got ripped off... The story carried on for a week or two.
Of course, you guys carry your stories around for much longer - now-a-days! Don't yea?!
Then again, life expectancy was much shorter back them. (Joking)

Ah, its almost like coming home again... So many memories.... Many years ago... Many, many years ago! Sweet huh! :-)

Well, I'm carrying on... Not saying much but carrying on... Old fool !!!

Oh yeah, I should leave you something... I know, how about,
Not my website but I've been learning a great deal from them.

Religion and politics, huh, who knew!

Oh yea, I got wasted and made this little video:
I don't know jack about making videos... You guys teaching that now?

Well, I better leave before I get in trouble... With a name like mine, you gotta be gone!


- Jack