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Thread: multiple choice form with combobox

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    Question multiple choice form with combobox

    hello guys
    reffering to this thread :

    i tried to make an else if that contain 3 item : s1 ,s2, and s3 ..
    i want to make a redirection to if :
    anything from "s1" is selected, and for s2 and s3 there is some specefic items ..
    if (url=='Anything872'){

    anything = s1
    8 = s2
    72 = s3

    is this possible ? i'v tried many tutorials but without any success. if someone could help me through this i'll be grateful !
    thank you Guys
    and thank you dynamicdrive !!
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    Please use [code] tags around your code.

    If I am reading this correctly, if multiple cases are true, do something? Is that right? If so, just use && (meaning and) in the if statements, ie:
    if(something && something else){
    do something
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