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Thread: Firefox is too slow...

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    It's hard for me to remember that far back with any real clarity. At that time it was the best in my opinion. It was set as my primary browser and was my goto browser for diagnostics. However, that browser had some serious problems following standards. So I would probably put its best version a little later than 3, maybe at 7. But then again, at the time the problems of 3 weren't so apparent, other browsers weren't much better.

    So maybe. I don't think I was using Chrome much, if at all back then. Was it even around? If it was, it was probably not a lot like what it is now as far as developer tools go. If the choice were between a standards compliant FX 3 and today's Chrome, that would be a tough call.
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    No, FF3 was well before Chrome. And it may explain why it was a better UI-- no attempts to immitate it. By FF4 the UI was worse (that was a relatively big change) and from then it has been downhill (quickly) seeming to increase with the new versions in a race to match Chrome. As I recall, FF3 to FF4 was the last real update to the browser before the flood of new versions every 2 weeks. Maybe FF5 too. I can't remember precisely.

    I don't think I ever used FF1, at least not much. FF2 was fine and basically like FF3, just improved features (similar UI). FF4 was a significant change in the UI and since then each version has been on a continuous path toward the current UI. So 3-4 is a cutoff and the rest is just a trajectory after.

    I don't really care about the features of FF3. You're right about that. What I don't see is why they can't bring back that UI with improved speed, features, and standards.
    If the choice were between a standards compliant FX 3 and today's Chrome, that would be a tough call.
    Exactly. I'd say FF3, no question.

    Another way to look at this is the following: why are there around 60,000 people using an add-on that reverts version 15 back to version 3??? (Just the UI.) That's crazy. And those are just the people who went out of their way to revert back. Now many of them are upset that updates haven't been done to make it compatible with v17 and any more in the future.
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