I am submitting online applications for work and VERY new to programming. Actually, I barely have any idea where to begin. Please excuse my lack of programming lingo in this post, I will try to describe things the best I can.

I have an Excel spreadsheet with customer's names, address, city, county, state, etc. and would like to figure out how to auto populate this information into separate fields on a webpage. It gets very tedious trying to copy-paste all this information for thousands of customers and would like to figure out an easier way.

Here is a sample application:
I need to fill in the fields in section 2b I already have "Form Auto Filler" to fill in the bubbles for me.

This is how far I've gotten with my code (I don't even know if this is right)
javascript:document.getElementsByTagName('pname').value='A68';document.getElementsByTagName('paddr1').value='B68';document.getElementsByTagName('pcity').value=' C68';document.getElementsByTagName('pcounty').value='D68';document.getElementsByTagName('pzip').value='E68';

Since I do have this information on an Excel Spreadsheet, I am trying to figure out a way to have the cells automatically change the numbers as I drag the code down to the next row/customer's information (i.e. A68 to A69, B68 to B69, etc).

Ideally, I would push a button OR paste this code into the internet address bar and VOILA, the fields should be filled.

I can transfer money via PayPal. Please contact me at starlette01@gmail.com if you would like to help.

Thank you!