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Thread: Password Protected Page Login Script

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    Default Password Protected Page Login Script

    I need a script where the user types in their username/email & password
    which takes them to a specific password protected page (the pages are .com/page_name.php pages)

    I can manually create each username & email with the page it will link to.
    Also set it to by default remember the username and password.

    When it takes them to the page they are loging into please have it open as _top or _parent
    because I will use an iframe to place the login form on the page.
    (Please set the form in the top left of the page & please don't name the page the form is on as the index)

    Each username & password is linked to a different page.
    Each page should be password protected.

    Please include instructions.

    Here is the pic with size etc of how I would like the login form to look:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'd be happy to discuss this with you.
    You can contact me at

    Please also let me know what sort of additional features you might need (password recovery, etc.).

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