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Thread: Best font family for all operating system and browsers

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    Default Best font family for all operating system and browsers

    Which are the best font families that support all major browsers and OS(s)(Windows, MAC Os & Linux) for computers, mobiles & tablets.

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    Generic. That would be any of these three highlighted font families:

    font-family: serif; - usually will render as times new roman - has little 'tails' on the letters
    font-family: sans-serif; - usually will render as arial or helvetica - no 'tails'
    font-family: monospace; - usually will render as courier new, but can be consolas or comic sans ms - may have 'tails' or not, the key feature here is that each character takes up exactly the same amount of horizontal space as any other. The other two do not do that, instead spacing according to the natural width of each character.

    The bottom line though, you cannot be assured of any particular font being available on any particular system, and even if it were as is likely with times new roman, there's no guarantee it will layout exactly the same, or look identical in any other way. So the best policy with text is to let it flow (don't introduce artificial line breaks with <br> tags, and allow for differences in width and/or height in the container elements into which you place text so that your overall layout will not break down if the text takes up more or less space than it looks to on your system.
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    or you can use cufon, to generate your font style so it can work in all browser and OS:

    David Demetrius // davejob

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