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Thread: Function triggering before I select a date in datepicker

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    Default Function triggering before I select a date in datepicker


    I really need the help of the experts on here.

    When I call the function v9_insert_comments('1') the alert(sdate) triggers before I even get to select a date in the datepicker.

    My goal is to have the v9_insert_comments() check to see if the sdate is null or not. If its null then just { return } if not { do something else }.

    The current case if that sdate is always null because the datepicker never gets a chance to set it.

    var sdate 
      function v9_insert_comments(x) { 
        if (x == 1) { 
    }//end of function 
      function select_date() { 
            autoOpen: true, 
            modal: true, 
            overlay: { 
                opacity: 0.5, 
                background: 'black' 
            title: "title", 
            height: 265, 
            width: 235, 
            draggable: false, 
            resizable: false 
        }); //end of dialog 
            onSelect: function() { 
                sdate = $(this).val(); 
    } //end of function
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