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Thread: Ideas about designing the layout for a video player

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    Lightbulb Ideas about designing the layout for a video player

    I was thinking to myself of laying one video on top of the other using <div> tags, but I decided to actually create a better one where jQuery is involved in it for using the dropDown effect. example would be I would have a div with id as "music" and this would hold many videos around 10 each. There would be other <div> tags but with IDs as "tutorials", "do it yourself", etc. and hold the same amount or less amount of 10 total. The situation is where would jQuery come to save the webpage? Well, I could actually create a <div> with ID as maincontent1 and another one as maincontent2. You know, just one for each category. I will click on this drop down tab or whatever to show only the videos for that category. I would have a left arrow image and another right arrow image to the interfase of the <div> holding those videos. This will allow scrolling to the next video and so on. Once clicked, the video will pop out to whatever width and height I chose for it. Is there any sample designs anyone can help me with? Do you have any great ideas you can provide to guiding me to creating a good video gallery layout? I would ask for ideas on CSS, jQuery and regular HTML markup code samples. Much thanks for whomever reads this.

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    Would something like this work?


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