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Thread: Which one is a good Free Hosting

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    Default Which one is a good Free Hosting

    I spent 6 hours doing research on free hosting, read 100s of reviews and still didn't reach any conclusion. I want to use a free hosting that has a reliable uptime and don't show downtimes, I know what I am saying doesn't make sense as I am talking about free but I think if visitors are less so something like that should be available.
    I have hostgator but at that account I did a mistake and purchased the hatchling which only support 1 domain, so now I want to make another site which will have few visitors, can someone tell me honestly which free service is good, below is the list of names that I heard around internet, can someone tell me one name and give me a reason why?

    servers free

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    Awardspace seems well enough. No ads / banners.
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    All free hosting has some kind of tradeoff-- ads, limited space, limited features, limited bandwidth, limited kinds of content, maximum number of files, limited control over the design of the page, blocked hotlinking of files (eg file hosting), limited customer support, etc., or a mix of the above.

    If you can live with one or more of those, you need to find the host that has it. For example, if you want to host text-only websites, then you don't need to worry about space or bandwidth. If you must have PHP and MySQL, then you'll need to sacrifice other things.

    Personally I think the $5/mo for an entry level paid hosting account is worth it because there are many good, complete hosting solutions at that level. Free hosting always has limitations. If you can live with the limitations, though, then you should go for it. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with it.

    Remember also that you might want to consider a host that allows easy backups-- what if you want to switch hosts later? Or perhaps a host that offers paid accounts as well, so you could upgrade. For this reason, though, I'd always insist on a host with FTP so you can at least make the backups manually.

    Another somewhat related point is about domains. Do you want a subdomain on their site? Do you want a .com? The host will have certain options, and you'll also need to decide if you're willing to pay for a domain.
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