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    I am creating a web site where the header is moving some images depending the mouse position, you can see at it:

    The problem is that mobile devices (iPhone, Android, iPhone, etc..) not show this effect.

    I know that there is no cursor, but I want to know if I can touch the finger to view this effect.

    Thank you very much.

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    Not really. On iOS (iPhone, iPad), for example, one finger touch = drag the window around. Two fingers = zoom.

    Apple does offer a touch/gesture API that you could work with (and override the default functions), but 1) be careful to not disable functionality in the browser (zooming/moving the window is important on a small screen), and 2) this would need to be a custom modification for just iOS. Then other platforms (eg Android) might have similar options.

    Possible, but not easy at all.
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    Like Daniel said, unfortunately it Is quite impractical for that kind of thing to be an option on a touchscreen, however, I'm looking at the site in an iPad, and I don't really know what I'm missing, therefore I don't really feel that there is a problem or that that there's something missing from the site. I just think that it will be something that the touchscreen users can do without, and if they're so troubled by the lack of movement (which I doubt they will) they can always go onto a computer. As always with these things, no matter what you do, the mobile experience is going to be different than the static experience.
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