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Thread: Please help todisplay video so that user cannot download the same

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    Default Please help todisplay video so that user cannot download the same

    Dear All need your help

    refer link 1 Physics : Fundamentals
    on page

    Click on this link opens up a video.
    Please note the video file name is passed to display the video.

    I want to do this in following manner

    the link will pass the id of the video to be displayed (to other program)
    viz <a href="displayvideo.php?id=<?php $rows['id'];?>><?php $rows['id'];?></a>

    displayvideo.php will fetch the video file name and start displaying the video the way it is displayed now

    I donto want to display in iframe or div because i donot want to show the video name

    Reason to do all this is i donot want user to download the video
    any other procedure / method to do this is welcome

    Thanks in advance

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    No matter what you do, the user will be able to download the video somehow. You can make the system very complicated, to the point where users would be discouraged from doing so, but you cannot make it impossible.

    Your best bet to display a video is by using a pre-built Flash video player (see:, and passing the video file name through a parameter.
    - Josh

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