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Thread: Auto-centering Popup script problem

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    Default Auto-centering Popup script problem

    Script: Auto-centering Popup
    HTML Code:
    <a href="'.$row['other'].'" onclick="NewWindow(this.href,\'Lyrics\',\'625\',\'500\',\'yes\');return false">View</a>
    if you are wondering what I have all of thoes slashes, I am using it with php:
    PHP Code:
    echo '<td bgcolor="#ffffff"><a href="'.$row['other'].'" onclick="NewWindow(this.href,\'Lyrics\',\'625\',\'500\',\'yes\');return false">View</a>'
    The script is working fine in Mozilla 1.7.12, IE 6.0, Opera8.51, but it is not working in FireFox. What am I doing wrong? And yes, I would include a link to the problematic page, but my site has not gone live I am still working on my local computer. Thanks for any help.
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