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    Default Cool DHTML Tooltip

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    Cool DHTML Tooltip
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    I like this, but got two questions
    here is my site, using this code:

    Question 1: is there anyway to use carriage returns

    Question 2: When using MS IE9, the regular tooltip shows, any work around for this,

    I answered Question 2,

    I got rid of the ALT tag
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    Quote Originally Posted by whobet View Post
    I answered Question 2,

    I got rid of the ALT tag
    Or you could use (add) an empty title attribute. Or better yet, you could use a standards invoking DOCTYPE for the page. Either will take care of this issue in IE 9. For earlier IE you may still need to also use the empty title attribute, which is preferable to removing the alt attribute, because an img tag without an alt is invalid.

    One other valid solution is to use an empty alt attribute.

    BTW - Technically speaking there is no ALT 'tag'. It's called an attribute.

    About your first question, carriage returns can generally be used almost anywhere. But they generally have no effect other than (if used in the wrong places) of introducing unwanted spaces, or even sometimes breaking the code. If what your asking is how to get a line break in a tooltip, that should be possible. You could try just putting a <br> tag in the tip text. That probably will work OK. However, and if you look closely you will see this being done on the demo page, simply setting a width for the tip that's narrower than that required for its text will cause the text to wrap.
    - John

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