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Thread: Logging in with an exe file

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    Default Logging in with an exe file

    Hello everyone,
    In programs such as skype, where you log into an exe file, how do they connect to the database without the user getting hold of the companies database connection details; what is stopping someone from reverse engineering a program, then writing there own to query all the results from the databse using the connection string from the application they reverse engineered?

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    I think a lot of it is done using sockets.

    You can make your own little program trying php's socket functions.

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    A few technologies:

    • HTTPS
    • AES Salted Hash Encryption
    • Polymorphic Code
    • Obfuscaton
    • Bespoke Encryption Algorithms
    • Key file Encryption
    • A fair few other security techniques

    You can write a very simple polymorphic program in AutoIT as an example, it ensures that the program is much harder to reverse engineer, as the program, in effect, writes itself as it goes.

    Obfusation of code, especially using CLSIDs and APIs that are on the server will allow the program to be unreadable by humans, even if it is reverse engineered.

    Or they just write it in ASM.

    However, the biggest security measure will be on the server itself. It will check the MD5/SHA-1 checksum of the file itself and perform various other security checks, including file size, fragmentation, file location, etc to verify the file is legitimate. Only then will it accept the input parameters.

    The parameters that the program itself will send are the bare minimum, just a username and password. It doesn't have any access to the server, nor the database; all it can do is ask for information about the currently logged in user. When it asks for that information, the server will send back an information package, usually an object that can be programmed from. If the program asks the information it's not allowed, it simply won't receive it.


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