Hi guys,

1. i have a database field stored in array, the default is like this

a:3:{i:0;a:5:{i:3;s:7:"4683203";i:6;s:7:"4683204";i:9;s:7:"4768795";i:10;s:7:"4683206";i:11;s:7:"4925120";}i:1;a:4:{i:0;s:7:"4683208";i:2;s:7:"4683212";i:3;s:7: "4683211";i:4;s:7:"4925121";}i:2;a:0:{}}

2. now i want to add a value in that field, by run this link : http://www.domain.com/filename.php?cmd=addmod&modid=2 (please see the complete filename.php file content here : http://pastebin.com/BabtP21Y , the part that i think responsible for this i think about line 674-709, that i highlighted there)

the field become like this, there is new code in the front that highlighted below


3. the only problem, i need it to put it in the back and the position are reserved, so like this that highlighted below
a:3:{i:0;a:5:{i:3;s:7:"4683203";i:6;s:7:"4683204";i:9;s:7:"4768795";i:10;s:7:"4683206";i:11;s:7:"4925120";}i:1;a:5:{i:0;s:7:"4683208";i:2;s:7:"4683212";i:3;s:7: "4683211";i:4;s:7:"4925121";i:1;i:4924131;}i:2;a:0:{}}
please help to make the array position stored like that, maybe by editing the php file

GBU for that helping