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Thread: PHP/JS on same page?

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    I'm back to my original problem, which is being able to load the scroller text from file, but losing the sidebar menu. This happens when I convert the page from .html to .php which is necessary to run the php code. I want the page to look something like this

    instead of this

    If you look at the source code you will see the difference in how the sidebar menu is constructed, I don't want to use the one method because I then have to edit every page which has this menu. I didn't build these, but I think when they were first built there were two ways to make the menu and I'm not sure why, but eventually I discovered I could just use the menu.shtml which greatly simplified things when I wanted to add a link to a new page.

    Could I use some php code to construct the menu?

    Never mind, I got it. Just had to run php as SSI.
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