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Thread: So many choices - seeking automatic image viewer?

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    Default So many choices - seeking automatic image viewer?

    So many choices -
    I am seeking code to display .jpg on a web page from an "images" folder on same website. Is it possible to display contents of the folder without adding pix name and code to the webpage? Also to cycle through the entire Images folder without renaming each .jpg file? - Like Windows filemgr SlideShow.

    Thanks for any direction.

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    You can find many discussions about the impossibility of preventing others from stealing your images. It's not possible, don't bother trying it because it will just make your page unusable and not stop image thieves. (And in some cases, why not let someone save the image-- maybe they just like it and want to look at it, or want to use it in a class presentation-- harmless stuff.) If you need to deal with this, you can either use copyright law (slow and difficult, unfortunately, although you can speed it up by contacting webhosts if someone is copying your stuff), or you can not put up important files to be downloaded.
    The simplest explanation: if someone can see it, that means it is ON their computer. It might not be in an easy place to save it, but for someone who knows what they're doing, it is easy.

    As for showing an entire directory, sure. You would need a serverside script that can search the directory, then you would need a Javascript image gallery. Or, if you want, Flash (or another plugin) could do this too. PHP and Javascript would be the most common combination.

    One option is here:
    You could, if you need, combine the PHP half of that with another gallery/slideshow. It might be a little work to change it, but the basic idea could be used in many ways.
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