I'm So new at this and I know, that I'm reaching high... but I need to know, what I need to learn to do this - because I WANT to learn AND I have no timelimit.

I believe it's some sort of database...

I want to make a form (I think it's a form) where people can order seats/tickets oneline, at my local theater.

I want the person to see how many tickets there are left.
I want the person to see, what he/she ordered, when the order is sent.

I want the person to give their phonenumber, name and how many tickets they want. AND check a box if they are in a whealchair - or is a diabetic.

I want to be able to print all orders for one night out, so I can take it to the entrance of the theater.

That's A LOT!!!
So... what scripts, programes, etc. must I use to make this?